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UVLSRPC Commissioners -

ACWORTH - Hank Sipple

CHARLESTOWN - Richard Lincourt

CLAREMONT -  Tom Rock, Richard Wahrlich

CORNISH - Vacant

CROYDON - Vacant

DORCHESTER - William Trought

ENFIELD - Dan Kiley, Ed McLaughlin

GOSHEN - Vacant

GRAFTON COUNTY - Katherine Connolly

GRANTHAM - Lynn Kisselbach, Peter Guillette-Treasurer

HANOVER - Jonathan Edwards, Chris Kennedy 

LEBANON - Dan Nash, Carl Porter

LEMPSTER - Mary Grenier, Vice Chair

LYME - Dan Brand

NEW LONDON - Bill Helm, Liz Meller, 

NEWBURY - Gary Daniels, Dennis Pavlicek

NEWPORT - Jeff Kessler, Secretary/Assistant Treasurer, Bill Wilmot, Jr.

ORANGE - Judith Lindahl

ORFORD - Mark Burger, Ted Cooley


PLAINFIELD - John Yacavone

SPRINGFIELD - Kevin Lee, George McCusker

SUNAPEE - Josh Trow, Chair, Randy Clark

UNITY - William Schroeter, Robert Trabka


WILMOT - Linda Scofield, Marion Allen

SULLIVAN COUNTY - Lionel Chute, Derek Ferland

MEMBERS-AT-LARGE - Peter Gregory, Nancy Merrill, Anne Duncan Cooley, David Brooks


Standing Committees for Fiscal Year 2018

Executive Committee (per Approved Bylaws; the Executive Committee is comprised of the officers plus the Chairs of the Finance Committee, Personnel Committee and the Regional Planning Committee)
Josh Trow (Chair) 
Mary Grenier (Vice-Chair)
Peter Guillette-Grantham (Treasurer)
Jeff Kessler-Newport (Secretary/Assistant Treasurer)  
Steven Schneider-Staff  

Finance Committee
Kate Connolly-Grafton County 
Peter Guillette-Grantham
Jeff Kessler-Newport
Ed McLaughlin - Sunapee
Hank Sipple-Acworth
Steve Schneider-Staff 

Personnel Committee - Joint Loss Management
Peter Gregory-At-Large
Dan Kiley - Enfield
John Yacavone-Plainfield

Regional Planning Committee
Dan Brand - Lyme
Lionel Chute - Sullivan County
Gary Daniels - Newbury
Bill Helm - New London
Chris Kenney - Hanover
Richard Lincourt
Nancy Merrill - At-Large



Connecticut River Joint Commissions
Lionel Chute - Sullivan County
Mary Grenier - Lempster 

NH Association of Regional Planning Commissions
Chris Kennedy-Hanover 

NH Rail Transit Authority 
Jonathan Edwards - Hanover 

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