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UVLSRPC Commissioners -

ACWORTH - Hank Sipple, Treasurer


CLAREMONT -  Tom Rock, Richard Wahrlich

CORNISH - Vacant

CROYDON - Vacant

DORCHESTER - William Trought

ENFIELD - Ryan Aylesworth, Ed McLaughlin

GOSHEN - Vacant

GRAFTON COUNTY - Patricia Higgins

GRANTHAM - Lynn Kisselbach, Peter Guillette

HANOVER - Jonathan Edwards, Chris Kennedy 

LEBANON - Dan Nash, Carl Porter

LEMPSTER - Mary Grenier, Vice Chair

LYME - Bill Malcolm

NEW LONDON - Jerry Coogan, Liz Meller

NEWBURY - Gary Daniels

NEWPORT - Jeff Kessler, Secretary/Assistant Treasurer, Bill Wilmot, Jr.

ORANGE - Judith Lindahl

ORFORD - Mark Burger, Ted Cooley


PLAINFIELD - John Yacavone, Rob Taylor

SPRINGFIELD - Kevin Lee, George McCusker

SUNAPEE - Josh Trow, Chair, Randy Clark

UNITY - William Schroeter, Robert Trabka


WILMOT - Linda Scofield, Marion Allen

SULLIVAN COUNTY - Lionel Chute, Derek Ferland

MEMBERS-AT-LARGE - Peter Gregory, Nancy Merrill, Anne Duncan Cooley, David Brooks

Staff Bios 

Steve Schneider - Executive Director 
Victoria Davis – Planner 
Patricia Crocker - Planner, Community Transportation 
Adam Ricker -  Planner
Meghan Butts - GIS Coordinator/Planner
Chris Courtemanche - Office Manager
Ann MacEwan - Finance Manager


Pat Crocker joined the planning staff of the UVLSRPC in December 2008.  She is responsible for the management of a number of grants and contracts to develop coordinated human service and public transportation programs to enhance passenger transportation services in our region.  Pat has extensive experience in public transportation policy including two terms in the Vermont Legislature where she served on the transportation and commerce committees.  During her career, she has managed a variety of federal and state transportation programs including Rural Transit Assistance, Rideshare, and statewide Medicaid transportation.  She completed a BA in Economics at Fordham University and Masters in Public Administration at the University of Vermont. email Patricia

Victoria Davis joined the planning staff in November 2007.  She holds an M.S. from Antioch University New England in Resource Management and Administration as well as Environmental Education, and a B.S. from Plymouth State University in Local & Regional Planning.  She has over 18 years in the planning field including work as a municipal Planning & Zoning Administrator for over seven years in NH. She has over 15 years of experience specifically within the solid waste management field.  She has developed several transfer station operations plans for New Hampshire municipalities; provided trainings for transfer station attendants to meet their NH recertification requirements, and implemented several solid waste technical assistance and education programs throughout the region and the State.  She has a passion for sharing information and works with residents, towns, and schools to reduce use and disposal of hazardous materials.

Previous to working at the regional planning commission, she worked with regional solid waste management districts in Mississippi and Tennessee developing their solid waste management plans; writing the first solid waste management plan for the State of Mississippi;  developing a cost model for Davidson County (Nashville), Tennessee to evaluate its various waste management systems including a landfill and waste-to-energy facility; working with communities through a Massachusetts grant program to increase waste reduction and recycling on Cape Cod and the South Shore; and supervising a regional transfer station and recycling center in Vermont.   

Victoria currently works on hazard mitigation plans, emergency management plans, planning circuit riding, and solid waste technical assistance.  She has written several successful grant applications at the regional planning commission for federal Victoria

Adam Ricker joined the staff at UVLSRP in September of 2011.  Adam is the Assistant Planner at the commission, working on a variety of projects. One of Adam’s duties is to collect the traffic data for the New Hampshire DOT, as well as, to provide general support and assistance to the other planners in the office.  Adam graduated in 2011 with a B.A. in Environmental Design from the State University of New York at Buffalo: School of Architecture and Planning. email Adam

Meghan Butts joined UVLSRPC in April 2014. As an Assistant GIS Coordinator, Meghan works with Amber managing our GIS system and assisting other planners with GIS support.  email Meghan

Chris Courtemanche joined Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission (UVLSRPC) in July 2009. As an Office Manager, Chris supports the Executive Director and Planners with organizing, preparing general correspondence, reviewing invoices for granting agencies, scheduling of meetings, updating contract books, reviewing timesheets and expense reports and other everyday administrative duties. In addition, duties include bookkeeping and sttending Committee meetings. email Chris

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