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Press Releases

Now Hiring! Executive Director 

The Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission (UVLSRPC) seeks a full-time Executive Director to lead our dynamic, nine-member staff.  The UVLSRPC is an association of 27 cities and towns in western New Hampshire, and is one of nine Regional Planning Commissions (RPC) in New Hampshire enabled through state legislation (RSA 36:45).

The position requires a professional who is an effective manager with a strong understanding of diverse planning, public health, transportation, environmental and economic development issues at the local, regional, state and interstate levels. On a day-to-day basis, the Executive Director can serve many roles including manager, administrator, planner, facilitator, advocate, and consensus-builder. This is a high-profile position with significant expectations that offers a unique career opportunity to enhance our region’s landscape, economic vitality, and quality of life. 

Education and Experience:

  • Education and professional and managerial experience in public or non-profit administration, regional planning, or a related field is required. Applicants with a Master’s Degree in public or business administration, urban or regional planning, or economic development may be given preference.
  • Experience in identifying, writing, and managing federal and state grants and contracts.
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills including experience in public speaking and public facilitation skills.
  • Ability to build consensus among diverse stakeholders.
  • Ability to work with staff, volunteers, the general public, and elected officials.
  • Ability to foster the professional development of a planning staff with wide-ranging skill sets, styles, and levels of responsibility.
  • Ability to work independently, to meet frequent deadlines, and administer multiple projects simultaneously.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The following duties and responsibilities are not inclusive. Other duties may be assigned as necessary by the UVLSRPC Executive Committee:

  • Serve as the chief administrative and executive officer of the UVLSRPC with responsibility for the general oversight of the agency including organizational structure, human resources, financial management, and implementation of policies and programs.
  • On an annual basis, secure discretionary grants and contracts to sustain the annual operating budget.
  • Manage the UVLSRPC’s day-to-day operations, programs, and services in accordance with enabling legislation, organizational governing documents and policies, and grant requirements.
  • Develop, administer, and implement the UVLSRPC’s annual work plan and budget.
  • Maintain sound internal financial controls consistent with federal and state protocols, and monitor staff work load and project execution in the context of contractual obligations.
  • Build coalitions with municipalities and partner agencies to achieve regional goals that enhance the UVLSRPC’s leadership on key issues important to the region’s communities.
  • Testify before state legislative bodies about policies affecting regional development and planning.
  • Present information on a variety of topics to municipal leaders.
  • Provide staffing support to the UVLSRPC Full Commission and the Executive, Finance, and Personnel Committees.
  • Provide, promote, and enhance useful services to our region’s municipalities.
  • Develop and oversee the implementation of new planning, environmental, and service projects and programs that address the unique needs of the 27 municipalities in the UVLSRPC’s region.
  • Represent the UVLSRPC on local, regional, and statewide boards and committees.
  • Serve as the final reviewer of all planning-related products produced by the UVLSRPC staff.
  • Represent the UVLSRPC in the media and with state and federal partner agencies, and within state and national organizations.

Other Requirements:

  • This position requires a current, valid driver’s license.
  • Finalists for the position will be required to undergo motor vehicle and criminal background checks.

Salary and Benefits:

Starting salary range begins at $75,000 and upward, commensurate with qualifications and experience. The UVLSRPC offers excellent health and dental insurance benefits, and an employer-matched 457(b) retirement plan.

Applying for the Position:

Persons interested in applying for the position are requested to submit a cover letter, resume, and three references by the close of business on January 6, 2017 by U.S. Mail or Email to:

Mr. Steve Schneider, Chair
UVLSRPC Executive Director Search
10 Water Street, Suite 225
Lebanon, NH 03766
E-mail to:

The Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Women, members of minority groups, or individuals with a disability are encouraged to apply.



Request for Statements of Qualifications and Fee Proposals

from Consultants to Conduct Brownfields Site Assessments


The Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission (UVLSRPC) requests Expressions of Interest, Statements of Qualifications, and Proposed Professional Cost Rates and Fees from professional engineering and environmental consulting firms for Brownfield site assessment services for both Mixed Hazardous Substances and Petroleum-Only contaminated Brownfield sites.

The UVLSRPC was selected for its first Mixed Hazardous Substances and first Petroleum-Only assessment grants from the U.S. EPA.  The grant funding supports a program to inventory and assess Brownfields sites within the 27 municipalities of our western  region in New Hampshire.  Focus will be on Claremont and Lebanon, but other sites within the region will be supported as well.  The Program   1) promotes awareness of  Brownfields issues and opportunities among UVLSRPC’s 27 municipalities;  2) inventories known and potential Brownfields sites within the Region;  3) assists municipalities, private  property owners and developers with decision-making regarding the applicability of the Brownfields program to their interests; 4) conducts Phase I Site Assessments;  5) conducts Phase II Site Assessments;  6) prepares PhaseIIISite Assessments/Remedial Action Plans;  and 7) develops capacity at UVLSRPC for the continuation of inventory, outreach, assessment, and re-use planning toward re-development of Brownfields as valued commercial land or green space. 

The program is implemented and administered by UVLSRPC staff, as well as a Brownfields Advisory Committee comprised of community stakeholders.  The Advisory Committee assists UVLSRPC staff in selecting eligible, known or potential Brownfields sites for the use of the Assessment funds to conduct site assessments.  The scope of work for which Consultant services are sought generally includes the following: 

  • Provide technical support to UVLSRPC staff and the Brownfields Advisory Committee in all aspects of Brownfields assessment, remediation, and re-use planning and implementation;
  • Develop proposals and conduct Phase I Site Assessments;
  • Prepare and present results of Phase I Site Assessments to UVLSRPC staff and Advisory Committee;
  • Develop proposals and conduct Phase II Site Assessments;
  • Prepare and Present results of Phase II Site Assessments to UVLSRPC staff and Advisory Committee;
  • Prepare proposals and conduct PhaseIIISite Assessments/Remedial Action Plans;
  • Prepare QAPP associated with Site Assessments and RAP described above;
  • Outreach and attendance at public relations events as needed; and
  • Perform contracted services at the direction and discretion of UVLSRPC and report first and directly to UVLSRPC project manager regarding all matters associated with the implementation of contracted services.

The grant period for current Brownfields Assessment funding begins October 1, 2016 and extends through September 30, 2019.  

Successful candidate(s) will clearly present verifiable qualifications, experience and knowledge regarding all aspects of Brownfields assessment, remediation, re-use planning, and re-development, including but not limited to relevant Federal and New Hampshire law, policies and guidelines; relevant NH Administrative rules; NH Risk Characterization and Management Policy; CERCLA, and U.S. EPA standards and practices, including U.S. EPA Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) requirements. 

To be considered, the Statement of Qualifications shall demonstrate the ability to perform multi-task projects and meet required milestones and deadlines.  Consultants must be licensed to provide engineering services in the State ofNew Hampshireand possess proven engineering and geological capabilities and certifications to perform all activities relevant to Brownfields assessment and remediation.  Consultants located in, or having an office in NH may be given preference.  If applicable, a list of projects currently underway in NH, and past projects in NH successfully completed by the applicant in the past five (5) years should be included.  Statements of Qualifications must specifically indicate, and provide professional qualifications for those members of the firm who will provide project management and those who will be working directly with UVLSRPC.  Statements of Qualifications must clearly indicate those personnel who will be serving as project management and/or working directly with UVLSRPC and include three to five professional references qualified to comment directly on the performance of the firm.  Although not a requirement, we ask that submitted materials do not exceed thirty pages in order to expedite UVLSRPC’s review process.

Based on UVLSRPC review of Statements of Qualifications and Proposed Professional Cost Rates and Fees, UVLSRPC may invite candidate firms for an interview to further investigate qualifications and compatibility relative to the needs of the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Region Brownfields Assessment Program.

It is the intent of UVLSRPC to establish a list of one or more pre-qualified consultants from which to select firms based on stated qualifications, expertise and associated fees to provide site-specific services for individual eligible properties identified by UVLSRPC staff and the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Region Brownfields Advisory Committee. 

Selection Process

  1. Candidates must have six (6) copies of their Expressions of Interest, Statements of Qualifications, and Proposed Professional Cost Rates and Fees delivered to UVLSRPC at 10 Water Street, Suite 225, Lebanon, NH 03766 or to no later than 5:00 p.m., Friday, October 21st, 2016.
  2. UVLSRPC will review the submitted materials and may interview selected candidates during November 2016.
  3. It is the intent that UVSLRPC will notify selected firms by December 2016.


For further information, contact Amber Boland, UVLSRPC Brownfields Program Manager,

(603) 448-1680 x 205.

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