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Project Administrator:

Michael McCrory

Project Title:

Claremont Business Corridor Project

Related Services:

Land Use Planning

Project Summary:

The Business Corridor Project is a step in Claremont's efforts to modernize its land use regulations and municipal policies.  This project focues on adopting progressive land use regulations along the principal highway commercial corridors, which are generatlly consistent with Business II (B-2) Zoning Districts.

Principle goals are to:

  • Maintain Claremont as a livable community and a regional commerical center by retaining opportunities for commerical development and encouraging growth and stability in the City property tax base.
  • Encourage property owner and public involvement in the planning process to ensure the proposed regulatory changes maintain the City's sense of place, traditions, and values.
  • Encourage multi-modal travel options and incorporate these opportunities in the regulatory structure (e.g. sidewalk connectivity, long-term planning for transit options, etc.).
  • Revise the B-2 Zoning Districts, which contain principally highway -oriented commercial and retail land uses, to remove unintended barriers to sustainable development patterns.
  • Develop regulatory standards that are easy to understand by property owners and simple to enforce by City represetatives.
  • Encourage the efficient use of existing utilities (including municipal water and sewer) and municipal services (e.g. emergency response and public safety) to minimize long-term municipal costs.
  • Identify neighborhood nodes in the B-2 Districts that would promote mixed land uses consistent with the surrounding area.
  • Improve aesthetics along these highway-oriented corridors through regulatory changes (e.g. landscaping standards, access management standards, and site design guidelines).
  • Develop low impact development stormwater management standards to maintain and improve local and regional water quality.
  • Implement relevant recommendations for regulatory changes idientified in the Washington Street Access Management Study completed June 2013.  Apply these recommendations to similar districts city-wide to avoid future traffic safety and congestion issues.




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