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Eastman Watershed Management Plan

UVLSRPC Projects

Project Administrator:

Rachel Ruppel

Project Title:

Eastman Watershed Management Plan

Related Services:

Land Use Planning, Natural Resources

Project Summary:

The Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission(UVLSRPC)  compiled information that characterizes the Lake and its watershed. Although some  pieces of the needed  information were already available, the Commission began by developing surveys of wildlife and recreational characteristics for the Lakes and Streams Committee (LSC) to conduct. In addition to compiling the results of the surveys, the Commission produced technical reports,which included bathymetric maps of the pond, and  large-format maps which included:

  • Watershed and surface waters
  • Land cover assessment, 1980's,1990,s and change
  • Land use within the Eastman Pond
  • Impervious surface within 250 ft of Eastman Pond and tributary streams
  • Houses with septic systems within 250 ft of Eastman Pond and tributary streams
  • Sewer system serving Eastman Lake Association Condos

With this information the Commission  completed a thorough Data Assessment and identified areas of concern under the categories of Recreational Value, Unique Value, and Susceptability to Impairment. The UVLSRPC met  with the  LSC to  coordinate  public engagement to determine appropriate management strategies.After analyzing existing conditions, considering the input of Eastman residents, and meeting with the LSC,  the Commission created a management plan for Eastman Lake.

Additional Information


  • Eastman Community Association

Committees Involved:

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