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Level of Service Analysis

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Project Administrator:

Quinn Molloy

Project Title:

Level of Service Analysis

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Project Summary:

As society moves toward a future in which dependence on the automobile is an archaic remnant of a past in which environmental detriment was the norm, many in New Hampshire have begun to wonder where their community lies on a spectrum of the quality of preexisting infrastructure. For those interested in methods of travel that promote fiscal, ecological, and personal health the ability to walk or bike safety is a pressing concern. The UVLSRPC has worked to produce a data set grading NH state roads based on a Level of Service Analysis (LOS) for the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Region.  

While we recognize that there may be unique issues in rural areas including steepness of terrain, this methodology was used in order to have a comparison with other regions around New Hampshire and throughout the country. This analysis was completed for Class I, Class II, and most Class IV roads, exclusive of the Interstate Highway Systems were considered for the analysis. These classes are defined by NH RSA 229:5, V as the existing or proposed highways that are part of the primary and Secondary State Highway Systems in New Hampshire. 

Some of the elements that are analyzed are as follows: 

  • Pedestrian space requirements 
  • Walking speeds 
  • Traffic flow relationships 
  • Pedestrian-bicyclist interactions 
  • Delays at signalized intersections 
  • Traffic cross flows, and travel obstacles 
  • Pavement quality 
  • Presence/ width of bike lane 
  • Curb lane width/ volume 
  • Volume of other lanes of the same travel direction 
  • Speed of traffic 
  • Presence of a parking lane
  • Type of roadside development 
  • Adjustment factors of large truck volume 
  • Parking time limit
  • Hourly right turn volume 

Use the links below to determine the Level of Service for bicyclists and pedestrians in your community! 

Bicycle LOS Analysis

Pedestrian LOS Analysis



Additional Information


  • US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Community Challenge Planning Grant
  • US Federal Transit Administration, Section 5305(e), Statewide Planning & Research Program through NH Department of Transportation

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