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New London Master Plan Services

UVLSRPC Projects

Project Administrator:

Michael McCrory

Project Title:

New London Master Plan Services

Related Services:

Land Use Planning

Project Summary:

The Upper Valley Lake sunapee Regional Planning Commission provided the town of New London with professional planning services to aid in the creation of an updated Master Plan. During 2011, the Commission began by reviewing the work produced under the Master Plan Contracts  in the previous three years, and consulted with the Town's Planning Staff, at one of its meetings,  on the  existance of any issues or barriers to completing the project. An inventory  and analyzation of relevant community facilities was provided to the Town,which included current capacity, gaps and deficiencies and planned expansions.The Commission also provided the Planning Board with qualitative estimates of community facility requirements relating  to population projections and land use patterns along with identification of future infrastructure requirements.

Using past public input and the analysis and mapping results, the growth and development issues were identified. By meeting  with the Planning Board to confirm Master plan goals and policies, the Commission ensured  the acheivement of a comprehensive policy statement of desired land use to be used to guide future growth and development. 

The Commission developed and presented to the Planning Board, a detailed implementation strategy which included  the specific actions and activities necessary to translate the policies and communtiy vision into actual land use programs, the appropriate time frame for each of the actions and identification of the individual or group responsible for them.

A Public Forum was conducted  by the Commission. Included  in this phase of work were the preparation of materials for distribution prior to the forum as well as  the advertising and publizing for the  event. Provision for on-line review of the Chapters, a digital copy and  file copies of the Master Plan were supplied by the Commission.

A compelation of all previous drafts, including formatting and editing, was presented to the Planning Board for review and final editing. Copies of the final document were prepared and presented to the Board.After providing the scheduling and publicizing, the Commission conducted a Public Hearing to facilitate and explain the results. A meeting with the Planning Board provided an opportunity for any further revisions to be included prior to the adoption of the plan.

The Commission made the final edits, provided a proof reader and produced ten (10) bound copies for the Planning Board.

In April of 2012, as a second phase to this project, the Commission began working,in coordination with Town Staff, on a Master Plan Summary which  integrated narrative text and important graphics. The digital preliminary draft was provided to the Town for printing and distribution to the Planning Board and public . Comments expressed at  Planning Board meetings were noted and integrated into the final draft of the Summary Report.

Development of the final draft of the booklet incorporated comments from the Planning Board and included any final revisions.Coordination with the Town Staff and one review iteratrion prior to delivery of the final preport draft were also included. The town received all the digital documents, including Microsaft Publisher and Adobe Acrobat format documents, developed as part of this project.  The Town was resposible for printing and distributing the Summary Report.  

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