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Regional Plan

UVLSRPC Projects

Project Administrator:

Christine Walker

Project Title:

Regional Plan

Related Services:

Economic Development, Waste Management / Recycling, Energy, Land Use Planning, Natural Resources, Emergency Management, Transportation

Project Summary:

Each of the nine regional planning commisions in New Hampshire have received grants in order to develop a regional plan over a three-year timespan. Together, we will create a vision for the future with the help of the following nine areas of focus.

Climate and Adaptation

A climate and adaptation assessment will help steer the regional plan by evaluating how climate change will affect the region in the future.

Economic Development

Connecting jobs, homes, grocery stores, and community spaces can help to stimulate the economy within the region. Vacant properties and underused commercial space can be reused in new and creative ways in order to fully utilize the resources available to the region.

Energy Efficiency and Green Building

Increasing awareness for energy efficiency and green building helps cut costs, and reduces waste. Residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional building energy usage will be reduced by closely monitoring its use to eventually reach a target of reduced energy use.


Environmental planning takes into account land use, transportation, housing, etc in order to minimize the unnecessary use of natural resources and possible environmental impact which might result from development. Careful planning will help to protect our natural areas in order to create a sustainable future for New Hampshire.

Fair Housing and Equity Assessment

Anyone in the region seeking a home should have the same likelihood of obtaining a residence without any discriminatory behavior toward them. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to the housing options in areas which have public transportation, good schools, and accessibility to jobs.

Housing Needs Assessment

The Housing Needs Assessment adapts existing census population and residency information, regional employment statistics, and a broad range of housing data to model the availability and affordability of housing to all ages and incomes. The analysis provides a sub-regional review of the percentage of homes and rental units priced at or below affordable "workforce" thresholds and the geographic distribution of these analysis results. The study also outlines various techniques through which communities can contribute to affordable housing development or preservation and assess their compliance with housing statutes recently passed in New Hampshire.

Scenario Planning

Each municipality can create a 3D model on the computer of their downtown skyline. Then, they can make hypothetical buildings within the model to see how the land use would change before building a real building, which might take away from the ideal character of the region.


As the price of gasoline inevitably increases overtime, there needs to be a paradigm shift from single passenger cars to expanding carpooling, public transit, and biking in order to get to a desired destination. By decreasing the number of vehicles on the roads, the region can improve the air quality in each of its municipalities. Also, the decrease in traffic on the roads will increase the life of both interstates and local roads.

Water Infrastructure

The water infrastructure throughout the region will be examined to determine if the current stormwater systems can support the communities that they are designed for. Also, the feasibility of using water more efficiently and reusing water will be assessed. Water is one of our most valuable resources,making it necessary to assess  the environmental impact of transportation and housing has on surface and groundwater.

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