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Safe Schools

UVLSRPC Projects

Project Administrator:

Victoria Davis

Project Title:

Safe Schools

Related Services:

Waste Management / Recycling

Project Summary:

We will help at least 10 community schools to make changes in their science laboratories, art studios, and maintenance regimens by providing on-site assessments.  We will coordinate on-site school visits by a contracting a specialist to assist schools in addressing safety issues in their schools.  Partners in this project include the NH Department of Environmental Services and the NH Department of Education.

  •  Laboratories: Do they have inappropriate chemicals on-site—chemicals with extreme danger not appropriate for a school? Are the storage facilities and labeling systems adequate and safe?  Could the school be using safer alternatives for some chemistry exercises?  Is the school exercising proper waste management?  Do they have an inventory system to assure they do not make duplicate purchases or order in bulk when not necessary?  Is there appropriate ventilation?
  • Art Studios: Are they using safer products such as adhesives, paints, paint remover, ceramic glazes?  What is the disposal method?  Is it appropriate and safe?  Is there appropriate ventilation?
  • Maintenance Areas: Do they use toxic cake toilet deodorizers?  Are ingredients in cleaning products known to cause asthma or respiratory illnesses or distress or are they known carcinogens or do they have other health risks?  

Additional Information


  • US Environmental Protection Agency, Section 604(b) Water Quality Management Planning Grant through NH Department of Environmental Services

Committees Involved:

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