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Springfield Emergency Operations Plan

UVLSRPC Projects

Project Administrator:

Victoria Davis

Project Title:

Springfield Emergency Operations Plan

Related Services:

Emergency Management

Project Summary:

A local Emergency Operations Plan (LEOP) is often confused with the Hazard Mitigation Plan.  The Hazard Mitigation Plan is to develop strategies to reduce or eliminate impacts from hazards.  The LEOP is to assist the municipality in being as prepared as possible for response when a hazardous event occurs and protect the public by 1.) warning; 2.) emergency public information; 3.) evaculation; and 4.) shelter when appropriate.

The LEOP should be very community-oriented providing local, regional, and state emergency contacts.  Local contacts can be as specific as a local contractor with a backhoe in case heavy equipment is needed or a local grocery store to bring in food to an emergency shelter. 

LEOPs follow the National Incident Management System (NIMS).  This system is designed to be flexible to accommodate special circumstances and sizes of events.  This system for an LEOP includes assignment of responsibility depending upon the type of event.  For example, a fire would put the Fire Chief in charge and the other local departments would assist in needed services such as traffic control.


Additional Information


  • Federal Emergency Management Agency, Emergency Management Performance Grants through NH Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management

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