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Patricia Crocker

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Sullivan County Regional Coordination Council for Community Transportation

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Economic Development, Energy, Transportation

Project Summary:

Sullivan County Regional Coordination Council for Community Transportation

Beginning in 2005, a group of interested citizens, local community service providers, and state officials began to explore the many issues, challenges, and barriers to public transportation in Sullivan County that are common to rural communities throughout the United States. To address these concerns — critical to improving economic and social quality of life — NH DOT supported the development of a Regional Coordinated Public Transportation Plan that was completed in September 2008.  The Sullivan County Regional Coordination Council began as the Community Mobility Project, a cooperative effort of local service providers, local and state government officials, charitable organizations, and community members working to improve transportation options for Sullivan County New Hampshire.

Grants from the New Hampshire Endowment for Health designed to reduce geographic barriers to health and from NH DOT for Mobility Management have provided staffing and technical support to the Sullivan County Community Mobility Project (CMP) by the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission. 

UVLSRPC continues to provide staff support and technical assistance to the Sullivan County RCC and the Sullivan County Transportation operated by Southwestern Community Services. RCC meetings are held quarterly and include regional and community planners, transportation operators, human service providers, and interested citizens.

Additional Information

New Hampshire transportation and human services agencies have the goal of reducing duplication and increasing the availability of public transportation service, while making the best use of resources.

The Governor’s Task Force on Community Transportation recommended three components to achieve these goals:

  • a state council to oversee the development of a coordinated system (SCC),
  • regional councils (RCCs) based in the Regional Planning Commissions to plan and monitor services, and
  • regional transportation coordinators (RTCs), to arrange trips through a "brokerage" system. 

This cost-effective and efficient solution deploys varied funding sources and a network of providers including volunteer drivers to deliver service. For more information, visit:


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