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(GIS) Mapping Services

The Commission provides mapping services to its 27 communities and federal, state and local agencies and organizations. 

Individual Maps:

Using geographic information systems or GIS, Commission staff are capable of creating a digital or paper map to suit municipal land use planning or resource protection needs. By using the form below it will be easier to assist with meeting your map requirements. We request two week’s lead time on mapping, but will work to accommodate municipal deadlines as much as possible.

Member communities may request one community base map per year at no charge. For all other maps, a fee for mapping services may apply, depending on several factors: whether the map has already been created or must be newly designed, the complexity of the map, the type of media requested, and the number of copies requested. Once your map request is received, Commission staff will contact you to discuss map design and any fees that may be required.

Map Sets for Community Projects or Intensive Mapping/Data Collection Projects:

The Commission routinely provides mapping services on a contractual basis for community projects, such as master plans and natural resources inventories. The Commission also can develop map data, such as an inventory of trails, infrastructure or culverts. For these larger projects, please contact the Commission directly to discuss how we might assist your community.

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