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Service Incentive Program

The Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission (UVLSRPC) offers member communities to use a portion of their dues to more efficiently take advantage of technical expertise at the Regional Planning Commission. Member communities may use up to 15% of their paid dues each year, (up to 50% of any project), toward assistance that they may need.  The Service Incentive Program is designed to assist communities in developing plans and taking action both regulatory and non-regulatory and is intended to help move communities closer to their stated goals and vision.  

Example of Product

EX (1): A community would like Commission to provide services toward the completion of a Master Plan for $1,000. The community has paid its dues of $4,000 and could use $600 (15% of $4,000) toward services (up to 50% of the project). The contract between the community and the Commission would reflect services to be provided for $1,000 - (50% of $1,000) = $500. The community would still have $100 of their dues to be used toward services for the remainder of the year. 

EX: (2) A community applies for and receives funding from a State fund or private foundation to create maps for a specified purpose and chooses to hire the Commission. The community contracts with the Commission for $3,000 of mapping services. If the community’s dues were $3,000 for the year and they had already paid that amount, the contract would reflect services to be provided for $3,000 - $450(15% of $3,000) = $2550. In many cases this could be used as match to the funding source at time of application. 

In order to ensure that the community is aware of how funds are being utilized through the Service Incentive Program, the Commission will require the Chair of the Selectboard to sign off on the use of these funds for any activity that takes place within the community. The Service Incentive Program is not transferable from year to year.  

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