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Regional Housing Needs Assessment 2011

UVLSRPC Projects

Project Administrator:

Michael McCrory

Project Title:

Regional Housing Needs Assessment 2011

Related Services:

Land Use Planning

Project Summary:

For the most up-to-date information on our current Regional Housing Needs Assessment, please visit the Keys to the Valley UVLSRPC RHNA project page.
The Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission(UVLSRPC) adapted and applied a housing needs model to two regions. The first region  combines communities of the Lebanon-White River NECTA; the second area is the entirety of the UVLSRPC region. Each was based on the framework of employment and population-based models developed by BCM Planning, LLC, for the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority  (NHHFA) in 2009. The assessment adapted the population/headship and employment-based models to the respective analysis areas, and their demographics. Changes in the economy since the time the projections were developed were considered in estimating current and future populations.To provide an updatable comparison of median and average prices and rents that are able to  be compared to selected wage data available as an analysis of wages vs. home price distribution, market rent and assisted rental housing analyses were conducted. In addition, an analysis to review the distribution of prices and rents (i.e. the number and percent of units available at or below certain thresholds) was conducted. The Upper Valley region consists of both Vermont and New Hampshire communities that function as one region. It is rare to find an employer in NH that has less than 50% of its employees residing in VT; Because of this, it is important to include a cross-state analysis for housing. For the Hartford, Vermont NECTA (New England City and Town Area-Census Area), comparable data on price distributions data was created by downloading and analyzing Vermont Department of Taxation property transfer data. Two-Rivers Ottauquechee Planning Commission  assisted the consultant with obtaining VT data. 
The analysis provides a sub-regional review of the percentage of homes and rental units priced at or below affordable “workforce” thresholds as defined by the NHHFA. An inventory of assisted rental housing (elderly vs. general occupancy units) was compiled for each of the sub-areas.
The study describes various techniques through which communities can contribute to affordable housing development or preservation and assess their compliance with housing statutes recently passed in New Hampshire. A statistical profile was created for each of the 27 municipalities within the region that consists of: building permit history, assisted housing inventory, primary home sales price distribution and recommendations to reduce barriers to workforce housing production.Because statistical analysis increasingly depicts regional implications, local data was collected as well to add to the overall picture. The Upper Valley Housing Coalition  create a survey of employees working for larger employers and business in the Upper Valley that can be collected and published on an annual basis. 

Additional Information

There are three documents that have been produced for the Housing Needs Assessment:

  1. Brochure-  gives just a few of the highlights to give people a sense of the general findings.
  2. Summary Report- a condensed overview, that provides more detail and a narrative to give the reader abetter understanding of the regional needs.
  3. Technical Report- a 124 page document provides an in-depth look at the data and a complete analysisof the region and the sub-regions.


  • Upper Valley Housing Coalition
  • State of New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning
  • US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Community Challenge Planning Grant

Committees Involved:

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