UVLSRPC Commissioners 

ACWORTH - Vacant

CANAAN- Vacant

CHARLESTOWN - Jeff Lessels, William Rescsanski

CLAREMONT - David Pacetti, Tom Rock, Richard Wahrlich

CORNISH - Vacant

CROYDON - Vacant


ENFIELD - Ed McLaughlin

GOSHEN - Vacant

GRAFTON - Vacant


GRANTHAM - Peter Guillette

HANOVER - Chris Kennedy, Jennie Chamberlain

LEBANON - Dan Nash, Bruce Garland

LEMPSTER - Mary Grenier

LYME - Bill Malcolm, Vice Chair

NEW LONDON - Jerry Coogan, Liz Meller

NEWBURY - Vacant

NEWPORT - Jeff Kessler-Treasurer, Herbert Tellor, Jr

ORANGE - Vacant

ORFORD - Mark Burger-Secretary/Assistant Treasurer, Ted Cooley


PLAINFIELD - John Yacavone

SPRINGFIELD - George McCusker

SUNAPEE - Josh Trow-Chair, Randy Clark

UNITY - Vacant

WASHINGTON - Andrew Hatch

WILMOT - Linda Scofield, Bill Chaisson

SULLIVAN COUNTY - Lionel Chute, Derek Ferland

MEMBERS-AT-LARGE - Peter Gregory, Anne Duncan Cooley, David Brooks, Nancy Merrill

The Commission

The Regional Planning Commission is guided by Commissioners that are appointed by either the Selectboard of Towns or the City Council of Cities within the region. The Commission provides a regional framework that can assist municipalities to chart the best course forward with policies that guide their communities toward the goals that are important and unique to each community. The Commissioners meet throughout the year and act as the "Board" of the organization, conduct business such as approving contracts that fund the organization and are responsible for the fiscal soundness of the organization. Each year the Commission approves a Budget and Work Plan at its Annual Meeting in June which outlines the organization's efforts to best meet the needs of the communities.

The fiscal year 2022 Budget 
The fiscal year 2022 Work Plan 

The fiscal Year 2021 Budget 
The fiscal year 2021 Work Plan

Financial Audit for the year ended June 30, 2020
The fiscal year 2020 Budget
The fiscal year 2020 Work Plan

Financial Audit for the year ended June 30, 2019
The fiscal year 2019 Budget 
The fiscal year 2019 Work Plan

Financial Audit for the year ended June 30, 2018
The fiscal year 2018 Budget
The fiscal year 2018 Work Plan

Financial Audit for the Year Ending June 30, 2017
The fiscal year 2017 Budget
The fiscal year 2017 Work Plan 

Financial Audit for the Year Ended June 30, 2016
The fiscal year 2016 Budget 
The fiscal year 2016 Work Plan 






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