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UVLSRPC Commissioners 

ACWORTH - John Tuthill

CANAAN- Vacant

CHARLESTOWN - Jeremy Wood, Albert St.Pierre

CLAREMONT - Tom Luther, Richard Wahrlich

CORNISH - Vacant

CROYDON - Vacant


ENFIELD - Ed Morris

GOSHEN - Vacant

GRAFTON - Vacant


GRANTHAM - Peter Guillette-Treasurer

HANOVER - Chris Kennedy, Jennie Chamberlain, David Anderson

LEBANON - Dan Nash

LEMPSTER - Read Gildner-Blinn, Mark Lightner

LYME - Bill Malcolm, Vice Chair

NEW LONDON - Jerry Coogan, Peter Nichols

NEWBURY - Vacant

NEWPORT - Jeff Kessler-Secretary/Assistant Treasurer, Barry Connell

ORANGE - Vacant

ORFORD - Ted Cooley


PLAINFIELD - John Yacavone


SUNAPEE - Josh Trow-Chair, Lynn Arnold

UNITY - Kevin Brenker

WASHINGTON - Andrew Hatch

WILMOT - Bill Chaisson, Polly Crocker

SULLIVAN COUNTY - Lionel Chute, Derek Ferland

MEMBERS-AT-LARGE - Peter Gregory, Anne Duncan Cooley, Sarah Jackson, Nancy Merrill, Nathan Reichert


The 27 municipalities within the region established by the NH Office of Strategic Initiatives, voluntarily choose to be members of the Commission. A regional planning commission's powers shall be advisory, and shall generally pertain to the development of the region within its jurisdiction as a whole. Regional planning commissions are political subdivisions of the state. However, regional planning commissions have only that power and authority expressly provided for in NH RSA 36.

Each municipality that is a member of the Regional Planning Commission shall be entitled to 2 representatives to the Commission. Municipalities with a population of over 10,000 but less than 25,000 shall be entitled to have 3 representatives on the Commission (Claremont, Lebanon and Hanover currently). Population as set forth in this section shall be deemed to be determined by the last federal census. Representatives to a regional planning commission shall be nominated by the planning board of each municipality from the residents thereof and shall be appointed by the municipal officers of each municipality. Representatives may be elected or appointed officials of the municipality or county. Any county may also, by resolution of its County Commissioners, become a member of the Commission and shall be entitled to appoint 2 representatives to the Commission.

The terms of office for Commissioners of a regional planning commission shall be for 4 years, but initial appointments shall be for 2 and 4 years. In municipalities entitled to 3 or more representatives, initial appointment shall be for 2, 3 and 4 years.

In addition, Regional Planning Commissions are encouraged to consult, at their discretion, with agencies and institutions operating within the region whose activities influence planning and development. The Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission currently has 2 at-large Commissioners representing economic and land use planning interests.

The Commission adopted a set of revised Bylaws on August 19, 2009 which guide the work of the Commission. 

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