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Land Use Planning

Land Use Planning provides a framework for the development of policies that address the aspirations of municipalities to develop, redistribute, and/or conserve land to serve the needs of their citizens. Integration of a variety of planning disciplines will better achieve the goals outlined within communities. Interconnections to and relationships with surrounding communities are vital to local, regional and statewide planning decisions. It is the goal of the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission to assist communities in making land use decisions that best suit their needs. While the Commission has access to resources and expertise in planning principles, communities are best suited to implement what works for their unique culture, history and community interests.

Land Use Planning encompasses numerous planning disciplines. The Commission has categorized projects which are, for the most part, associated with local master plans, zoning, other ordinances, regulations, and other municipal policies that guide a community’s development as falling under the umbrella of Land Use Planning.

Examples of Land Use Planning support provided by the Commission are:

-      Circuit Rider/Town Planner

-      Planning Board Support

-      Master Plan Development

-      Zoning Ordinance Updates  

-      Land Use Ordinances

-      Land Use Mapping

-      Parcel Mapping and Assessment Data

-      Build Out Analysis

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