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Claremont Master Plan Services

UVLSRPC Projects

Project Administrator:

Michael McCrory

Project Title:

Claremont Master Plan Services

Related Services:

Economic Development, Land Use Planning, Natural Resources, Transportation

Project Summary:

The City of Claremont engaged the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission(UVLSRPC) to provide professional planning assistance in creating  the City's 2010 Master Plan Update. The Commission staff, in collaboration with the City of Claremont Staff and the Master Plan Advisory Committee (MPAC), began by identifying specific actions, establishing a time frame for each action and the individual or group responsible for the action. After creating a digital copy of the 1991 Master Plan, the Commission created a draft Master Plan Outline for review  and appproval by the MPAC and the Board.

The City had already initiated the update of several chapters of the Master Plan. UVLSRPC aided in the completion of the chapter updates and worked with the MPAC and the Board to arrange and facilitate a public forum to present the plan findings and implementation strategies. The City was then presented with a digital copy of the final draft Master Plan for adoption. 

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  • City of Claremont

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