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Transportation is the key to connecting and moving people, goods and services. Transportation planning in the region is funded, in most part, through the NH Department of Transportation with funds from the Federal Highway Administration. The Commission strives to respond to changing social, economic, environmental and demographic conditions of the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee region. Some of the transportation issues facing our region are:

  • congestion in concentrated areas of the Upper Valley
  • maintaining mobility for underserved populations
  • improve pedestrian, bicyclist, and transit accessibility
  • balancing the need for travel with quality of life in small rural communities
  • sustaining funding to address infrastructure needs

Looking for Traffic Count data? Visit NHDOT's Traffic Data Management System!

Regional Transportation Planning

Transportation networks (e.g., roads) and services (e.g., buses) go beyond town boundaries. The regional transportation planning process seeks to identify the highest-priority transportation improvement projects for the region in order to promote safety, mobility, and access.

Key UVLSRPC regional transportation planning processes include:

For more information on how rural Regional Planning Commissions work with State and Federal partners to advance transportation planning, consult the Cooperative Public Process for Transportation Planning Efforts in New Hampshire.

Transportation Funding

UVLSRPC assists communities with securing funding for transportation projects. The Commission also has a role in identifying the highest-priority transportation projects in the region for major state and federal funding sources.

More information on regional transportation funding is available here.


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