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Transportation is the key to connecting and moving people, goods and services. Transportation planning in the region is funded, in most part, through the NH Department of Transportation with funds from the Federal Highway Administration. The Commission strives to respond to changing social, economic, environmental and demographic conditions of the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee region. Some of the transportation issues facing our region are:

  • congestion in concentrated areas of the Upper Valley
  • maintaining mobility for underserved populations
  • addressing growing interest in alternative transportation modes
  • balancing the need for travel with quality of life in small rural communities
  • providing accessible travel options
  • sustaining funding to address infrastructure needs

Transportation planning is moving away from the singular goal of moving vehicular traffic, towards an approach that takes into consideration the communities and lands through which streets, roads, and highways pass ("the context"). This approach, known as Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS), seeks to balance the need to move people efficiently and safely with other desirable outcomes, including historic preservation, environmental sustainability, and the creation of vital public spaces. The Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission is becoming more and more involved in the  facilitation processes that address local, small scale issues as well as regional needs.

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