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Transportation Funding

UVLSRPC assists communities and partners with securing funding for transportation infrastructure projects (roadway/intersection improvements, sidewalks, bike paths, etc) and public transportation services (bus service, volunteer driver programs, etc). The Commission also has a role in identifying the highest-priority transportation projects in the region for major state and federal funding sources.

NH Ten-Year Transportation Improvement Plan ("Ten-Year Plan")

2025-2034 Ten-Year Plan: Regional Project Prioritization Process

Project Solicitation (letters of interest were due June 20th)

2023-2032 Ten-Year Plan: Regional Project Prioritization Process

Ten-Year Plan/GACIT Public Hearing Presentation (presented 9/21/21 in Claremont and Lebanon)
Final UVLSRPC Regional Project Priorities (submitted to NHDOT March 2021)
Project Prioritization Process Documents:
UVLSRPC Ten-Year Plan Project Update Memo (March 2021)
NHDOT Project Review Comments (February 2021)
NHDOT Project Review Letter (February 2021)
Transportation Advisory Committee Review and Preliminary Ranking (October 2020)
Scoring Committee Results (September 2021)
Project Review Profiles (September 2020)
Municipal Applications (August 2020; warning: large file)
Project Review Criteria (May 2022)
Criteria Weights (May 2022)

2021-2030 Ten-Year Plan (current plan)

Approved FY 2021-2030 Ten Year Plan
2021-2030 Ten-Year Plan Regional Priorities
2019-2028 Approved Ten-Year Plan
2019-2028 Ten-Year Plan Regional Priorities

2017-2026 Ten-Year Plan
2017-2026 Ten-Year Plan Regional Priorities
2015-2024 Ten-Year Plan
2015-2024 Ten-Year Plan Regional Priorities
NHDOT Ten-Year Plan Website
Ten-Year Plan Process (p. 7-8)

UVLSRPC Regional Priorities for Federal Aid Infrastructure Programs

Congestion Management Air Quality (CMAQ): 

Transportation Alternatives (TAP) Program:

2021 TAP Round Regional Priorities
2011 TE Round (Canceled by NHDOT)
2009 TE Round Regional Priorities

Regional Coordinating Councils for Community Transportation

Regional Coordinating Councils (RCCs) work to secure and share Federal Transit Administration (FTA) funds among organizations that provide community transportation services, such as volunteer driver programs for senior and disabled residents. UVLSRPC provides staff support and technical assistance to two RCCs:

Public Transportation Funding

The Public Transportation in New Hampshire Guide (2021) is a useful resource for understanding how public transportation agencies (such as Advance Transit and Sullivan County Transit) are funded. UVLSRPC provides support and technical assistance to regional public transit agencies to assist with securing funding.

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