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Sullivan County Regional Coordination Council (RCC)for Community Transportation

In 2005, citizens, local community service providers, and state officials began to explore the challenges and barriers to public transportation in Sullivan County that are common to rural communities throughout the United States. In an effort to address these concerns — critical to improving economic and social quality of life in Sullivan County- the Sullivan County Regional Coordination Council helps to guide the development and enhancement of public transportation services and  initiatives to coordinate both human and public transportation resources.The RCC serves as the advisory council in the development of regional coordination plans. An up-date of the 2008 plan is in process.


Patricia Crocker, Planner, Upper Valley Lake Regional Planning Commission 


  • Chair, Carla Skinder, Connecticut Valley Home Care/VRH, Newport
  • Vice Chair, Pat Kinne, West Central Behavioral Health, Claremont
  • Secretary-Treasurer, Helena Kos, Pathways of the River Valley, Newport
  • Brenda Burns, Sullivan County Nutrition Services, Newport
  • Leah Torrey, United Valley Interfaith Project, Lebanon
  • Rod Wendt, United Valley Interfaith Project, Plainfield (Alternate)
  • Brenda Foley, Turning Point Networks, Claremont
  • Becky Holland, Southwestern Community Services, Inc.,
  • Mark Mills, Pathways of the River Valley, Claremont (Alternate)
  • Barbara Brill, Community Alliance of Human Services, Newport
  • Pam Joslin, Community Alliance Transportation, Newport (Alternate)
  • George "Bud" Ross, West Central Behavioral Health, Claremont (Alternate)
  • Aare Alves, American Red Cross, Charlestown
  • Shelley Winters, NHDOT Rail and Transit
  • Doreen Kusselow, NH Bureau of Elderly and Adult Services, Claremont

Sullivan County Regional Coordination Council

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